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How much does it cost to move into a San Marcos Memory Care Assisted Living Facility?

San Marcos Memory care facilities typically cost a minimum of $3,500 per month. To move in you will pay in addition to the first month's rent, a one month deposit and an admission fee equivalent to one month of rent required to move in. That means it will cost a minimum of $10,500 to move into an San Marcos memory care unit.
However after move-in your rate may still change. San Marcos memory care can and will increase the monthly rate based on care rate. Do not assume that the monthly rate you are quoted does not increase the next month. Most facilities eventually increase rates as care requirements increase.

How much does San Marcos Assisted Living REALLY cost?

Many memory Care assisted living facilities trap you with monthly low prices only to increase prices based on care after one month of care. Many facilities use things like high non-refundable admission fees, often more than twice a single monthly rate to make it hard for people to leave. In some cases they will use any new issue with care as a reason to reject a current resident for increased care and keeping the non-refundable admission fee.
Home Care has a much lower admission fee and if you are unhappy with the caregiver and quality of care, you have a direct line to a caregiver to ask for a change or a case manager to request a change of caregiver. When all is said and done, you always have the ability to change a memory care unit without losing money because of admission fees or unreasonable increase in prices.

Memory Care Level

Finding the right San Marcos memory care facility for your loved one is not just about finding a well-run memory care assisted living facility You also need to consider finding a facility where the other residents match your loved ones level of care. You do not want your loved one to feel the anxiety and stress of being surrounded with people with more advanced stages of their Alzhimer/Dementia than them. Also it is not uncommon for residents in Memory care facilities to be violent or sexually inappropriate. A caregiver can fit the level of care to the client. She can choose physical activities and socialization activities that exactly match the level of their clients.

How much does San Marcos memory care cost?

Memory Care Home Like Environment When a person first starts experiencing issues with Alzheimer/Dementia they are usually very disoriented. Moving to a new home and surrounding them with different people adds to this confusion and anxiety. Most new memory care residents will constantly be asking when they will be able to go back home. Many memory care facilities are not made with memory care in mind. Small facilities tend to have little to no outside area that allows residents to be active. Residents rarely if ever leave the facility. Larger facilities tend to only have small outside areas. Often these areas have no view or are located near loud and noisy roads. Larger facilities are built to look like hotels. However these facilities with their long hallways and unremarkable rooms are often confusing to residents. It's not a weird thing to be in a hotel and realize because every location looks the same, that you are in the wrong place. Now imagine someone with Alzheimer/Memory care trying to remember which room is theirs. It's not uncommon even after being in the memory care units for months for residents to feel anxious because instead of being at home they think they are in a hotel getting ready to go home soon. Often they are afraid to go to sleep in a room they do not recognize as their own and they are afraid to eat in the dining room because they have no money.

What about San Marcos Assisted Living Alzheimer Care / Memory Care Assisted living

  • No or limited outside area
    • Can a memory care resident actually go outside by themself safely? MAny facilities deal with anxious residents by medicating them. The truth is, often many of these residents simply need to be able to go outside and be physically active. Instead they are unable due to the design for the facility to go outside by themself or limited to small outside sitting areas. Any persian who requires memory care, yet is still physically active should live in a facility that allows them to have room to explore inside and outside.
  • Long hallways
    • Have you ever been in a hote searching for you room, l only to realize that you were on the wrong floor or in the wrong wing. Now imagine you have memory issues. Large hotel like facilities with long hallways are confusing for people with alzheimer/ dementia to navigate. They often have no idea where their room is located. This is a contributor to the anxiousness you see with people in assisted living memory care facilities .
  • Dining rooms
    • It is common for residents to see eating at a dining room and not feel comfortable joining in. To someone with memory care, they often mistake dining rooms as restaurants instead of a place where they can get food. Many facilities with large rooms have to go so far as to place signs to say that the food is free.
  • Location
    • In an ideal world where facilities where made for care, instead of selling rooms, facilities would be built in peaceful out of the way areas with views. However much like a gas station, people who build facilities build them busy streets. Facilities near a large amount of traffic are easier to sell. So many facilities will be built in very busy areas where the sounds of the street can be heard all night outside and often inside the facility. Additionally these facilities will be filled with a large number of room on a small plot of land, making the actual grounds residents can walk around small. This all makes business sense but it does not make alzheimer care sense.

What is a home?
A home is a place where someone can be at peace and rest. For someone that requires Alzheimer care a place that does not allow them to feel comfortable, will never truly feel like a home.


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